Internet of medical things (IoMT) or healthcare IoT

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), also known as healthcare IoT, has different applications. Examples of IoMT include diagnosis of diseases, preventive medicine, faster and more accurate decision making and improved quality of life for chronic patients.

It is the collection of medical devices and applications that connect to healthcare information (IT) systems through online computer networks. Medical devices connected allow the  machine-to-machine communication, that is the basis of IoMT. Additionally, IoMT devices link to IT systems and/or cloud platforms on which captured data can be stored and analysed.

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Audixi 10

Our solution takes benefit from scientific knowledge and  current technology to develop new highly cost-effective devices that allow to streamline the entire diagnosis process of pathologies.

There is also an innovation in the calibration service so that audiometers do not need to be sent to our technical service. We have a unique proposal that easies the maintenance using an automatic calibration process assisted remotely, so we can issue a calibration certificate just updating the audio transducers.

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