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Easy and intuitive interface

The technology of mobiles and tablets are integrated to take advantage of its usability. The touchscreen interface design intends to enhance the user experience

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Remote control server

It allows exporting the audiometer screen to the computer and capturing the keyboard and mouse. Combined with a video conferencing system, teleaudiometry can be performed.

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Safe, reliable and easy care

The instant metrological calibration service makes your audiometer be fully operational, without unplanned stops and downtime, reducing its maintenance costs

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Audixi 10

Is a Two-Channel innovative digital audiometer with Internet connectivity leveraging the Tablet technology and incorporating a new  and simplified calibration system.

Standalone, compact, ergonomic and lightweight with a compact tablet-like size that incorporates a 10-inch touchscreen.

The design of its 10.1” touch screen interface enhances the user experience by greatly simplifying how it is used.

Powerful, flexible and complete

Audixi 10 is a range of smart-audiometers that allows manual and automatic audiometry, via air conduction, via bone, insert earphones, bone conduction transducer, speakers for free field, high frequency headphones and headphone and microphone patient-operator. Its technical capacity allows updates without changing product.

Productive and connected

It performs automatic audiometry in normal and fast mode (2 minutes approx.). Its USB and Internet connectivity (via Ethernet or WIFI) lets it connect to most current devices, printers and systems by simply exporting data. The appointment and patient management system is accessible local or remotely. The actual use of the product can be monitored due to its remote access which facilitates the interconnection with external systems and devices.

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