Basic Diagnostic Audiometer with High Frequency and Battery
- Screening
- Via air conduction -10 to 120dB HL
- 11 frequencies and 7 HF frequencies
- Masking: narrowband or wideband
- Automatically tonal audiometry (Hughson-Westlake)
- Transducers Plug & Play system
- Automated calibration system
- Via bone conduction tonal -10 a 70db HL (9 frequencies)
- Incorporation of High Frequency tests tonal -10 to 100 dB HL
- Battery Li-Po 37Wh
EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: patient response switch, power supply, ethernet cable (network), DD450 headphones, BT71W Bone vibrator
OPTIONS: patient microphone, insert earphones, operator headset, free field speakers, connections: Wifi and/or Bluetooth (USB),
carrying bag