Calibration Service

REF: 10015801

The new calibration system allows the Audixi 10 be fully operational.
It is not necessary to send it to the manufacturer for maintenance and calibration operations.

We offer an innovative calibration system that makes its use and maintenance easy and inexpensive by providing, in addition, a wide range of additional services to help you meet your control needs:

- Calibration with traceability to international standards
- Comprehensive management (via Internet) at different levels, including the various tasks required for the control of your equipment
- Collection and delivery of transducers
- Calibration advice
- Re-calibration deadline notification


  • Acoustics: transducers (headphones and bone vibrators)
  • Electrical: audiometer
For the first time, the functioning of transducers (headphones air, bone vibrators and high frequency headphones) and its calibrations are independent of audiometers which allows to share and exchange the transducers.
For instance, a bone transducer can be used in different audiometers of the KIVERSAL brand. The audiometer recognizes the transducer and is automatically adjusted to its acoustic calibration.
This fact can generate a substantial cost savings in purchases of transducers or even allow having a replacement set at low cost.
Therefore, to make an audiometry system and its transducers be correctly calibrated,
  • on the one hand, the transducers are calibrated in acoustic signal with the regulatory tools in the laboratory of KIVERSAL and,
  • on the other hand, an electric calibrator is provided to automatically calibrate the audiometer on the electrical signal in situ.
Both calibrations are considered to be equivalent to the conventional calibration of other manufacturers.
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