We are a medtech company with the mission of developing a new medical infrastructure by using smart medical devices with high connectivity to achieve the digital transformation of processes.

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Our technological platform

Audixi 10 is a micro-computer with an embedded Linux operating system on which our audiometer runs.

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Digital transformation

Easy and intuitive interface. Audixi 10 is completely digital. Its 10.1" multi-touch LCD screen allows easy learning.

Patented calibration system

No downtime using our Plug&Play transducer recognition system.


Our software versions allow upgrading your audiometer, including new features and tests, without changing devices.


Data integration

Direct data integration (EMR/HIS). File export to SFTP  / SMB / GDT shared folder. Reports emailed directly from the device.

VNC Remote Control

The free VNC client allows to control our device remotely and to perform tele-audiometries.

CUPS Server: printer connectivity

Allows printing reports on USB and/or network printers.

PPD drivers can be downloaded from

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